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Pouch Making

Film Making

Vacuum Metalisation

Cup Making

Since its inception, Merchants has been the pioneer in bringing in state of the art converting technology to the country. These regular infusions of new technology has enabled Merchants to keep its competitive advantage. Following is a short description of different technology available.


Our Printing Machines (Up to 8 Color) employ a specially designed human interface PLC control system. Double shaft turret type change system on unwinder and rewinder permits for automatic film connection during high speed (Up to 200m/min) running. Superior performance of preheating and cooling circulation system improves material properties. This enables us to print highly attractive and complex designs. The material infeed and outfeed mechanisms employ Dancing Roller Controller, ensuring uniform tension for the entire production line and accurate printing. High printing speed upgrades efficiency and minimizes waste material. This lowers production costs and provides your products with a more competitive edge.

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We have both Wet and Dry lamination lines. We also have two extrusion lamination machines. These high speed machines support our high speed printing lines. Major features of our laminating lines are:
  • Reversible high efficiency smooth roller.
  • Extremely uniform coating effect, with no air bubbles during lamination.
  • Hot oil circulation on the steel roller ensures even temperature.
  • High productivity ensures solid laminating.

We also have two extrusion lamination lines which are mainly used for pharmaceutical strip foils and paper and paper board extrusion.

Film making:

We have 6 film blowing lines. We produce LLDPE, LLDPE films and also PVC films for use in our products.

Slitting and Pouch Making:

To give finishing touch to our products we have more than a dozen slitting machines and over 30 pouch/bag making machines. We can produce different type of pouches such as center sealed, bottom sealed, three side sealed, stand up pouches, pouches with gussets etc. for our valued customers.

Vaccum Metaliser:

We have recently acquired a new state of the art Vacuum Metalising System. This system can metalise films, paper and boards. Different future applications will include: Flexible packaging for the food industry: snacks, chips, biscuits and bakery products, candies and confectionery, coffee, chocolate bars, liquid packaging, soup cereals microweavable food- Decoration : Gift wrapping · Labels · hot stamping foils · holograms · garlands festons etc

We have also a full fledged Paper cup manufacturing unit.