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Our Group Consists of five different organisations. They are:

  • The Merchants Ltd.
  • Elite Printing and Packages Ltd.
  • Jordache Printing and Stationeries Ltd.
  • Sudiba Enterprise
  • Dhaka Ink Co. Ltd.

Founder of the group started a Printing and Packaging Industry in 1974 with a capacity of 150 MT of packaging material in the name and style "Elite Printing and Packages Ltd." Gradually it progressed over the years by adding more and more sophisticated printing and packaging machinery and equipment to cope with the growing demands of quality packaging products in the country.

Now the capacity has exceeded 2000 MT every year providing services to local major tobacco industries, cosmetics industries and other consumer product manufacturers. Most of the customers are multi-national and prestigious local companies.

Product Range:

  • All kinds of printing and packaging and promotional materials like calendar, posters, diaries, catalogues, brochures, view cards, annual reports, books, computer stationery etc.
  • Garment industries' labels, tags, individual boxes, display cartons etc.
  • NCR paper stationary, exercise books, note books, pads, letter heads, envelopes, files & file covers, Hologram stickers, hot stamping, continuous stationary, multiple copy by NCR paper, railway tickets, lottery tickets, soccer tickets, telex rolls, optical memory readable (OMR) forms, security forms, bank cheques etc

  • Cigarette shells and slides, soft cup labels, outer wrappers, promotional wobblers, dummy packs, hangers, folders, display carton etc.
  • Pharmaceutical, toiletries, cosmetics, biscuits & confectioneries boxes, cartons, labels, self adhesive labels including hot stamping, calendering & varnishing.

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Taking into consideration the need of facial and toilet napkin tissue papers required for modern day life the Jordache Printing and Stationeries Ltd. started a tissue converting unit in 1985. This has not only increased the converting capacity considerably but also helped to expand the overall country's market. Today the company is capable of producing and meeting the demands of all types of tissue in the country.


  • Facial Tissue
  • Toilet Tissue
  • Table Napkin
  • Wet Tissue
  • Refreshing Towel
  • Kitchen Towel
  • Kitchen Foil
  • Paper cups and plates
  • Baby Wipe
  • Al Foil Food Container
  • Baby diaper
  • James Clip
  • Alpins
  • Stapler pins

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Sudiba Enterprise is engaged in trading and also as manufacturers representative for marketing various machinery and other products for importers of Bangladesh.They have good liason with several manufactures and exporters in different countries.

Paper of all sorts, Coated woodfree paper, Duplex board of all variety, Newsprint, Book print paper, Self adhesive, NCR paper, Art cards, Adhesive for dry laminating & wet laminating, Hot melt adhesives, Prime quality or stock lot machinery and auxiliary items specially for converting paper, film, foil etc. Aluminium foils, Chemicals. Laboratory and Quality Control Equipments, Printing Inks, Varnish, Lacquar etc.

  • Coates Brothers (Singapore) Pte Ltd.- Singapore
  • Feurstein - Austria
  • Korimpeks - Sweden
  • Forest Alliance
  • Fenestella Pvt. Ltd. - Singapore
  • Lotte Aluminium - South Korea
  • PT Trias Sentosa - Indonesia
  • Pumyang Chemical Co. Ltd. - South Korea

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With the gradual increase of gravure ink consumption in the industry, founding an ink manufacturing company was feasible. With the primary objective of serving own consumption needs and future objective of selling gravure ink to the converting industry, Dhaka Ink Co. Ltd was established in 2003.

Currently, DIC is able to deliver 70% of all inks required at The Merchants Ltd. It specialises in manufacturing gravure ink for printing on PET. DIC can incorporate critical properties such as color fastness in its inks.

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